Dudebro’s Rude Awakening: Following Elon Musk’s Morning Routine Doesn’t Make Him Rich

A photo of a guy working on a laptop

In a surprising turn of events, local dudebro, Bill Richardson was flabbergasted to discover he still hasn’t become as wealthy as Elon Musk despite following his morning routine to the precision. After reading countless articles and watching three YouTube videos explaining how Elon Musk’s path to wealth is paved through his morning routine, Richardson decided … Read more

The Writer’s Manifesto

I started freelance writing in May 2018. Most of my work falls under content writing for B2B companies. Contrary to my assumptions, writing non-fiction is hard. Like really hard. Every client you write for has unique requirements, highly tailored writing guidelines that you must stick to, and a brutal editorial process. A simple rule such … Read more